How Do I...?

  • Enroll in benefits as a new hire?

      New hires may log into with their existing Fidelity login or create a new login on their third day with GDMS.

  • File a Short Term Disability (STD) Claim

      Complete two simple steps to initiate a STD claim.
      #1 Contact our STD vendor, Sedgwick, at 1-800-416-1808.
      #2 Submit notification via the Employee Leave Notification System.

      To learn more about STD, click here.

  • Find an overview and cost of all benefits?

  • Find out my retirement benefits?

      Visit – menu – life events – retirement to learn if you are eligible for retiree medical and/or life. Visit the Retirement section of this website for helpful tools and resources.

  • Make changes to my current elections?

      If you have a qualifying life event such as marriage, birth of a child, or change in employment, you may make changes to your benefits outside of Annual Enrollment. Remember, you have 31 days after the event has occurred to report it the GD Service Center at 888.432.3633 or via – menu – life event.

  • Use the Parental Leave Benefit?

      Parental leave of one full week may be taken all at once or as needed up to one year after the birth or adoption of child. Simply use the Parental Leave code in Unanet (Project MS 010984/Task3502) to take advantage of this paid leave.

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